Friday, December 13, 2013


After 19 months of 40 hours of studying per week, next to my 32 hour job and my wife and daughter, I graduated from Animation Mentor! I have to say this was the best and most addictive study I ever did and it was so worth the time and effort.

Here's a short list of the study along with the mentors I had the pleasure of working with:

Part 1, Animation Fundamentals

Term 1, Basic Foundations with Peer Lemmers (Dreamworks)
Term 2, Psychology of Body Mechanics with Matthew Garward (LucasArts)
Term 3, Advanced Body Mechanics with Ethan Hurd (Disney)
Term 4, Introduction to Acting with Eric Morgansen (ILM)

Part 2, Advanced Character Production

Term 5, Introduction to Character Animation & Storytelling with Dana Boadway-Masson (Freelance)
Term 6, Character Animation & Storytelling Development with John Nguyen (Disney)
Term 7, Character Animation Production with John Nguyen (Disney)


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